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    I know the games' only been out what, six months or so. Close to it if not exact and here I sit late night after a 3 hour ish PvP session, some in a FC and some in invasions. I'm a little out of my element tonight but I'm also running into the standard flocks of Iornclad / Jesters. Now with Numbness and Greatbows...

    I enjoyed the first game because of the high skill ceiling one had to attain in order to do well. It has come to my attention recently that this game does nto have a high skill ceiling, nor the capacity to give someone benefits for being good at said game. Yes the armors play a roll in it but they are not alone and in my opinion (read it is just an opinion) From Software gives exactly zero fucks at this point.

    This would lead som…

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  • Maker L106

    Okay by now you all know I hate those armors in particular. I don't like Gowers ring either but I'll make concessions where needed. That said the ironclad / jester / gower problem can be easily contested if from wants to update the game. Though it could easily be fixed by social inacceptance, I will convey the idea that if equipped, the user looses his ability to backstab. Shield break / parry riposte i suppose are still fair though id rather see that be locked out for them as well. It feels like training wheels.

    Short entry today.

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  • Maker L106

    Post DLC Edit: Vid at bottom and fixes in post.

    Okay so lets get the obvious out of the way. Fight Clubs are not usually gankers but hey they've been mistaken for them before, particularly if the host summons white phantoms to fight the red ones... That's fine I mean you can't expect everyone to conform to your social structure, thankfully they don't and it keeps things interesting. As I write this waiting for the DLC two friends and myself are currently doing PvP on the bridge in the Iron Keep. I noticed an interesting trend with most players.

    Many red phantoms have integrity when it comes to PvP. It's a little competitive to fill your game with red phantoms but its not such a difficult task that it cannot be done. considering hosting a figh…

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