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  • Matsczon

    "Real" article names

    March 5, 2013 by Matsczon

    I did this because multiple pages have different names compared to their "official" names. I'll also add some notable features about the armors in the concept art.

    Note: All of the following names are what the items/enemies etc. are called in the artbook that comes with PtD edition. And these are sorted in the same order as the artbook lists them.

    • Adventurer's Set
    • Antiquated Set
    • Bandit Set
    • Black Iron Set
    • Black Knight Set
    • Silver Knight Set It used to have the patterns that the Black Knight Set has.
    • Black Set
    • Blush Set Isn't in-game. Description: It has multiple metal bars that are welded togheter and some parts have skin sewn togheter to hold the pieces in place, aswell as a rusty chainmail armor around the lower torso.
    • Chain Set
    • Cleric Set
    • Crimson Set …

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  • Matsczon

    What is that?

    February 9, 2013 by Matsczon

    I'm 100% positive it's a player because the doors got the fog effect. But there wasn't any message or anything I just saw that the doors were blocked and then he spawned. And he 1-hit-killed me. Hacker?  Newgame+?

    I somehow broke the comment section so write on my talk page if you have any answer to my question.

    The comments work again for some reason. :P

    Anyways I will be updating with more random things that I don't recognize during my epic journey to the Kiln of the First Flame.

    Name: Evil Drift Item

    Apperance: Looks like a crab with some kind of black goo inside 

    Attacks: Sorcery that shoots 9 projectiles that tracks the player

    Drops: 1 Humanity

    Area: Undead Parish church, next to the miniboss

    How do I get that, and what's there?

    I'm guessing th…

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