2013-02-21 00001
I'm 100% positive it's a player because the doors got the fog effect. But there wasn't any message or anything I just saw that the doors were blocked and then he spawned. And he 1-hit-killed me. Hacker?  Newgame+?

I somehow broke the comment section so write on my talk page if you have any answer to my question.

The comments work again for some reason. :P

Anyways I will be updating with more random things that I don't recognize during my epic journey to the Kiln of the First Flame.

Crab thing
Name: Evil Drift Item

Apperance: Looks like a crab with some kind of black goo inside 

Attacks: Sorcery that shoots 9 projectiles that tracks the player

Drops: 1 Humanity

Area: Undead Parish church, next to the miniboss

How do I get that, and what's there?

I'm guessing that door leads to Artorias' grave/ the Sif battle. Could anyone  confirm this? I want to see the AoTA cutscene after you save Sif in the DLC.

Weird helmet
What helmet is that guy wearing? Sorry for the bad picture. It's basically The favor set helmet with some odd twist on the top.

Bugged achievement

Here, I just wanted to share my bugged achievement list. (I got the lightning weapon from a random invader that gave it to me.)

Second Butcher Spawn Point

This is where the second butcher in the Depths spawns. I saw it fall down on another save and wanted to see where it fell down from. I just wanted to show this as it is an odd spawn point.


Ran to the RTR. Thank god for homeward bones...

Let There Be Light

Anyone see the irony in this? Also how do you do this kind of message?

White Soapstone Invasion

Dark Phatom

And here's one of the most random bugs ever. (OMG! 2 screenshots for one thing?!)

Awkward Cooperation
I think most players get what it is that makes this awkward. He later summoned another WotS and was apparently in NG+. (You don't normally get 27500 souls from helping against the Gargoyles.)

2013-04-03 00001

Egghead Kirk invaded me. I laughed when I saw this. He's pretty nice though because he found me while I was fighting the balder to the shield and let me finish. :P

Praise the sun

My Ornstein character from Darkroot to Anor Londo. And, my friend's Smough character.

2013-04-04 00001

My first try at one of these screenshots. Didn't get quite as I wanted it to. But atleast it's a start.

Grey Knight

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