Thank you for agreeing to talk to me about gaming wikis, and the Dark Souls wiki here at in particular. I'm currently interested in what you guys (Ltpliers, Brainwasher5, Balagog and Fingyer) have to say, as admins, but if any other uses of the wiki post a reply, that's great! This is my first attempt at using a wiki-based blog to conduct a group interview, so please bear with me. If you can reply to this post with your answers to the questions below, that would be ideal. I'll post the next set of questions shortly (as another blog post), but please feel free to come back and re-visit any previous questions, or to comment on others' replies.

As you know, your responses are intended for use in a research project and, as such, may be reproduced online or in print. You may choose to remain anonymous in any such reproductions, or be identified by your online handle or username, or using your real name if you like. I’ll ask you to confirm your wishes at the end of this interview.

To begin, could you introduce yourselves and tell me which gaming wiki (or wikis) you use or contribute to? How would you describe your role within the wiki?

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