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  • Moyzy

    The Lord Souls

    December 1, 2015 by Moyzy

    The Lord Souls

    ‘A soul is a lot like a curse’

    Why is this so? What is the soul? What are the Lord Souls? Are they connected? Are the Lord Souls eternally bound to the First Flame, destined to regenerate when this flame is kindled?

    These are the questions that came to me most recently when playing through Dark Souls II. Firstly, I believe that all living things have a soul. The soul is the will to life, the most fundamental piece of our existence that sets all the other parts of our existence in motion. It does not die with our body but will fade over time – the more potent the soul, the longer it will take to fade. This why we come across souls of brave warriors, proud knights, nameless soldiers and those that are simply faded souls hovering …

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  • Moyzy

    The Curse of Undeath


    If we are to believe Frampt, the curse of undeath is spreading because the fire is fading. We see this all around us in the decaying ruins, the perpetual twilight and the gradual hollowing that defines the world that we enter in to. Gwyndolin, through his illusion of Gwynevere, also gives us this impression when he bequeaths us with the task to end this ‘perpetual twilight’ and prevent ‘further undead sacrifice’. So, by taking Gwyn’s place and linking the fire, prolonging the age of fire, then we shall free ourselves from the curse.


    However, if humanity and the curse are linked to the flame – as undead feed the flame with humanity to kindle it and reverse their hollowing – then wouldn’t extinguishing the fire and usher…

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