• Natz279

    It's back!

    April 29, 2013 by Natz279

    Yes it's back!....The flickering glitch! I turned my ps3 on this moring only to find all of the bonfires, spells, summon signs, messages and elemental weapons flickering! I thought my game was faulty seeing how I only just bought a second copy from the game shop, I was gona return it, good thing I found a video on youtube showing the problem, seems everyone is getting this except xbox users. Does anyone know if From Software are doing anything about this?

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  • Natz279

    Hi guys and gals just creating a blog to express my RAGE at the abyss sorceries, so feel free to comment on what you think about them.

    So these new sorceries, they're good and they do lots of damage but when they're used against you it just seems unfair, i cannot count the amount of times i have been killed by these sorceries, especially the dark bead that thing can kill with a single shot and you can spam it. It is especially unfair on the people without the dlc because they don't have the silver pendant, it seems like the guys at from software try to force you to become a sorcerer or a faith user because they get all the best gear and most damaging spells! And you can't use the silver pendant in time to block the dark bead, its just to da…

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  • Natz279

    My Dexterity build

    December 12, 2012 by Natz279

    Hi guys, i just created my dexterity build i am looking for some feedback on what you guys think about it!

    Ok so my dexterity build's primary weapon is the silver knight spear +5 and the uchigatana fire +10. It uses Havel's ring and the ring of favor and protection. The armour consists of Havel's leggings, Marverlous chester's long coat, hollow thiefs hood (for style of course!) and silver knight guantlets. All in all i win most pvp fights until someone spams me with wrath of gods.


    • Vitality: 30
    • Endurance: 34
    • Dexterity: 25
    • Strength: 16

    The other stats are the starting ones for the warrior class. If you can i would apprieciate any feedback thanks!

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