Introduction: Hello everyone and I am here to speak about a rather dark and sad topic. This is of course the problem with Modders and Hackers in the worlds of Dark Souls & Dark Souls 2. I am placing this topic because after an hour or so scouring the other blogs, I did not happen to see one related too it and that simply caught me by surprise.

Anyone who has played either of the Dark Souls games and even glanced a moment in the zone of PvP has a story about an invader that could not be hurt, had infinite stamina, or even had access to items that someone should have no such ready access to.

I can speak from experience about the first two and the third being the newest that I have run into. I of course refer to the two illusionary rings that someone has been modding and giving away like candy for the last week or so online. The players ID was recently IronMIkeTike, but as of a few days ago and meeting this individual he has changed it and I can no longer look him up on XBoxLIve.

To deal with a hacker is somewhat simple and difficult all at the same time. It requires that you knock them off the edge of a high enough structure, or into a dead zone that ejects them from you world causing insta death. A high enough fall will kill anything, because the game scales fall damage compared to the height from which you fall. So at a certain mark the damage can scale up into several thousand points on impact.

Knocking them off into deep water or lava works as well and thanks to the ultra greatsword movesets that came into play in Dark Souls 2, that can be more easily done this time around. WoG, Force, Emit Force.. etc, all can get the job done with successful application.

On rare occasions (Depending on the mod/hack) I have seen bleed damage do the job after several effects. There seems to be a large gap in terms of Hacks that allow for high amounts of Hp or unlimited amounts as well.

But I still just feel that their should be a tribunal online that you submit that players name to and then they are mass voted against by all the host of XBoxLive. A few hundred players reporting you is nothing, but when it reaches a certain point Microsoft takes action and that usually means destroying a players reputation in response.

Something I have no problems about doing to Hackers.