Hey there everybody! I have a few questions about parries and repostes in Dark Souls 2. I don't usually parry in Dark Souls 2, and I recently started a new Dex / Pyromancer build, and so far in PvE parrying has been going pretty well. Either way, I have several questions in regards to parrying in itself, and the best equipment I could use for this build. So lets get started.

  1. So far some my build's main weapons are two powerstanced Scimitars +6, and I can't seem to land any Scimitar parries at all, and was wondering if anyone could help me by pointing out the timing for Scimitar parrying please.
  2. The weapons I've been parrying most successfully with are a Rapier +5 and a Parrying Dagger, and I was wondering if there would be any point to upgrading the Parrying Dagger, and I haven't really been attacking with it.
  3. My next question is, what dex weapon (preferably a dagger or thrusting sword) has the highest critical multiplier with parry repostes? From what I've seen, the Dagger is pretty good for it, and I've also heard that the Manikin Knife is also really good for it. Your guys' thoughts?
  4. This question is also in reference to reposte weapons. Will infusing my reposte weapon have a significant effect on reposte damage? Keep in mind my build is a Pyromancer so almost all my infusions will be fire.

Thanks for helping me out you guys, any more questions I have will be editted to the blog post, and I really hope you guys can provide some solid info for me, also just include ANY tips or tricks you guys might have for a new parry-er. Also keep in mind this is mostly for PvE.

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