Hey you guys, I'm pretty new to Sorcery builds in both Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2. I just wanted to hear your opinion on my Dark Souls 2 OP sorcerer build that I made for PvP!


SL: 210 (approximately, somewhere around there)

VGR: 35

END: 26

VIT: 14

ATN: 56

STR: 20

DEX: 22

ADP: 22

INT: 66

FTH: 5


RH1: Magic Melu Scimitar +10

RH2: Magic Retainer's Short Sword +10

LH1: Magic Staff of Wisdom +5

LH2: Nothing.

Head: Black Witch Domino Mask

Chest, Hands, and Legs: Astrologists set all +5 (Still gotta upgrade it)

Rings: Blue Clearstone Ring +2, Sorcery Clutch Ring, Southern Ritual Band +2, Northern Ritual Band +1.


Attunement slots with the Southern Ritual Band +2: 11

Unleash Magic, 3 casts

Crystal Magic Weapon, 3 casts

Crystal Homing Soul Mass, 6 or so casts (I never need more than one)

Soul Spear, 24 casts (I have 4 or 5 of them attuned)

Crystal Soul Spear, 6 casts.

General Info

This is my very first SERIOUS sorcery build that I've actually committed to, and I was wondering if you guys feel there's any way I could improve it. I'm not wearing the Northern Ritual Band +2 because it doesn't seem to increase my casts by any more than the +1 variant does. I constantly one shot people with this build in PvP, like it's almost absurd the amounts of hate mail I get. However THIS BUILD IS BALANCED, considering that with Unleash Magic his HP is well below his Stamina bar, so I guess this could be considered my Glass Cannon Build.

I will take any questions, criticism, or hate you guys have on my build. I was just really proud of it and wanted to share it, and was wondering how it seemed considering it's my first Int/Sorcery build.


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