• Orioned

    Your Custom Class

    May 10, 2012 by Orioned

    Hey there, I am asking what you guys would say your 'Custom Class' would be. My class being a 'Anti-Paladin' (Occult Weapon Paladin Invader)

    Also, what armor/stats you are using or are going to use?

    Anti-Paladin Set:

    Helmetless/Sunlight Magot

    Paladin Armor

    Smough's Gauntlets

    Smough's Leggings

    Ring of Favor

    • No Specific Second Ring*


    Weapon: Occult Server+5/Lightning Rapier+5

    Shield: Sanctus/Parry Dagger

    Now its your turn! Tell me your 'Custom Class' Name, and setup!

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