My Friends, It is me, your friend Keldon. I come to you now to present a Challenge, of sorts. A challenge that will test Skill and Mettle, a Challenge that may make you see differently about Dark Souls 2 PvP. This day, my Blade which few of you know of, has urged me to Test your skills in Battle. 


1. No Magic 

2. You must set yourself 4 Weapons, the first Must be the weakest of the 4, then each rises up until it reaches the 4th, which will probably be your Favorite Weapon.

3. No Salt, Rage quitting will not be tolerated, if you Disconnect, you will be Banned from the Challenge.

4. Have Fun! This challenge is meant to be a Fair test of Skill, and Serves to help better you fighting prowess

I'll put More details in a Forum post, I'll link it in the Comments of this post!

                                                                          Praise the Sun!

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