Hey guys! We are a small film group known as Parallel Digital.
  • Setting up the first shot!Go to More pics
  • Undead WandererGo to More photos
  • DespairGo to More photos
  • Resting at the bonfireGo to More photos

We are currently making a Dark Souls 3 part mini series. We are currently in mid-production, and will continue shooting throuhout the next couple months. We have raised near 2k through crowdfunding, and it has helped tremendously!

Right now we are touring the wiki's and Dark Souls forums to raise awareness, and spread the word! If you have any questions or comments for us, let us know!

(Oh, and here is a link to our Youtube page!)

Dark Souls Unsung (test)01:51

Dark Souls Unsung (test)

A very early test we did before we raised any funds..

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