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  • PlaguedWings

    Dark Souls 2 is having some server issues. Which is expectable for it being just released. If it wasn't having any issues, I probably would still be playing right now.... And dying, lol. I'd like to talk about the changes I've noticed:

    1. Overall slower combat, which I actually really enjoy myself. I like how, even with a fast weapon, it's harder to chain lock opponents. The combat is nice and smooth so far, with a few buggy bits. Over time, as the game gets patched, I don't see a whole lot of issues with this.
    2. I'm loving the scenery, it's a step up from the first game. Transitioning into each new area is a breath of fresh air each time. It's all surreal, and adds to the atmosphere.
    3. Being human actually does some thing for you. The more you die,…

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  • PlaguedWings


    February 10, 2014 by PlaguedWings

    Could you imagine if Ornstein and Artorias fought? That would be such a cool battle. And then, later on, you had to fight them both? Oh man, fighting them both would be hell. You could like, fight them both, and then summon them for one boss fight of your choosing. Say, you're having trouble with Four Kings. No problem, just summon Artorias this one time and it's a certified almost win. Having trouble with Nito? No problem, just summon Ornstein this one time for an almost certified win. I would love to be able to interact more with NPCs in DaS2. There was so much potential with NPCs like Beatrice. And to interact with both Artorias and Ornstein would have been really, really, cool.

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  • PlaguedWings

    So, I'm in the chat and it comes up that there should be a Demon's Soul 2. Which lead me to thinking, what if they make a Demon's Soul 2, that takes place in Lordran during Gwyn's ruling. By ruling I mean when he was at his peak.

    You run through the game like you normally would, and the last boss is Gwyn's First Born. When you manage to defeat him, he ends up doing whatever it is that he was shamed for. This causes Gwyn to go into a rage, lighting the Kiln, and going Hollow. Which sets up the world for Dark Souls. This isn't a complete thought, so let's build on this together. :D

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    The Atmosphere

    January 13, 2014 by PlaguedWings

    Before you judge too heavily on me, just know that this is my first time ever making some thing like this on a wiki, criticism is accepted.

    Now, getting to the topic I want to talk about: I really enjoy the atmosphere of Dark Souls. From the lack of music, to the ambient making you feel like you're alone, to the brutal empty Lordran. A lot of people have said that the atmosphere in Dark Souls is to try and provoke a "fear" that comes from being completely alone. That's not the case with me; I love the feeling of being alone, it makes defeating the bosses more enthusiastic that you can do anything, or navigating in an area with poor visibility and grounding (ie; Tomb of Giants, Anor Londo for a bit of the time, Catacombs, New Londo Ruins) ma…

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