Before you judge too heavily on me, just know that this is my first time ever making some thing like this on a wiki, criticism is accepted.

Now, getting to the topic I want to talk about: I really enjoy the atmosphere of Dark Souls. From the lack of music, to the ambient making you feel like you're alone, to the brutal empty Lordran. A lot of people have said that the atmosphere in Dark Souls is to try and provoke a "fear" that comes from being completely alone. That's not the case with me; I love the feeling of being alone, it makes defeating the bosses more enthusiastic that you can do anything, or navigating in an area with poor visibility and grounding (ie; Tomb of Giants, Anor Londo for a bit of the time, Catacombs, New Londo Ruins) make it feel motivating with that concentration. For me, the atmosphere drives me forward, when I came face to face with the fog wall, I don't think "Well, here go we go again." I take a deep breath, gather myself, and go "I can do this". Also, as apart of being new to this, I want to ask a question for this lovely community (I've visited this wiki more than just a handful of times, and looking at the threads and what not has made me want to make an account). What does the atmosphere do for you? Sorry, this isn't as long as some of the other blogs.

PlaguedWings (talk) 00:02, January 14, 2014 (UTC) Everyone is insane, some more than you, some less than you. What matters; is what you're willing to do with that insanity.

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