So the other day I had reached the giant blacksmith in Anor Londo and was planning to forge Quelaag Furysword when something caught my attention, I could forge the Abyss greatsword if I had the soul of Artorias, so I got curious about where to find this soul. After a couple of hours it came to my understanding that the soul could only be obtained through the DLC for the game, so here is my question is this the game saying "Hey this is what you could make if you had the DLC." or do i have the DLC installed without my knowing about it, I really what this responded as soon as possible because I was planning on buying the DLC shortly after I receive the Lordsvessel But if the DLC is installed somehow I don't want to use up the $15, (also to note that the copy I have is just the original copy not Prepare To Die Edition) and I have even checked and rechecked to see if I wasn't just seeing things and everytime I go to see it's there please help.

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