• SSB64NessRocks

    In order to obtain the illusory ring of the conqueror, you would have to complete an entire playthrough without dying. Due to some "encouragement", I decided that I was going to get the ring without trading. So here we go! Got to Majula. I ran straight to Heide's Tower of Flame and destroyed the Dragonrider just like parrying the Pursuer and two shot-ing him with the ballista. Went back to Majula so that Licia can take me to Huntsman's Copse. Did a speedrun to the Skeleton Lords boss fight. Dragontooth vs. bones: You know the outcome. Rested at poison pool bonfire. Picked up the fragrant branch of yore and instantly returned to Majula. Stopped by and said hello to Benhart (All of my friends kill him for what?) and unpetrified Rosabeth. Ign…

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