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  • I live in The Wald
  • My occupation is Champeen a'da World
  • I am Male
  • Seneschal Riggs

    I can't be alone in this, right? No, certainly not...

    In the Dragon's Dogma community, a fellow coined the term "Fashion's Dogma" as the act of equipping your character based on the look of their gear, stats be damned. I am guilty of it in Dragon's Dogma. And Fallout. And Dragon Quest IX. And the Souls games. Really any game where I can procure equipment and it actually shows up on the character. As it turns out, in video games I just love playing dress-up.

    Currently, the Chosen Undead in my game, Elsa, is set up with a Gargoyle Helm, elite knight armor, shadow gauntlets, crimson skirt, and the Crest shield. She looks like some kind of battle maiden and I love it. Also I can take hits but keep the old quick roll. Been looking to switch …

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  • Seneschal Riggs

    In the Realm of Lordran, one is never safe. We may carry the reminder of every blade that lays us down; but in nearly all encounters we may learn, and lash out at our assailants. With vigilance we may press further on. But Lordran, like her sister-verse Bolitaria, has much greater a danger than any of her denizens; Your fellow adventurer is oft the most dire of opponents you may yet encounter.

    It seems fitting then, that we are often greeted by honor amongst vagabonds. Though this traveler has come for your life (and worse still, your humanity), they may offer the courtesy of a mutual bow; it seems more that we are champions representing our respective worlds than a murderous thief pouncing upon his unsuspecting victim. In a world that s…

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