In the Realm of Lordran, one is never safe. We may carry the reminder of every blade that lays us down; but in nearly all encounters we may learn, and lash out at our assailants. With vigilance we may press further on. But Lordran, like her sister-verse Bolitaria, has much greater a danger than any of her denizens; Your fellow adventurer is oft the most dire of opponents you may yet encounter.

It seems fitting then, that we are often greeted by honor amongst vagabonds. Though this traveler has come for your life (and worse still, your humanity), they may offer the courtesy of a mutual bow; it seems more that we are champions representing our respective worlds than a murderous thief pouncing upon his unsuspecting victim. In a world that seeks to crush you underfoot and march on as though you were never there at all, it can be a moment of strange comfort when you finally cross paths with your most dangerous malefactor.

Though this is only partly true. Many are true demons. They wait in a chamber crowded with fearsome beasts, and pounce upon your back like a hungry jackal. Some may take to flames and lightning, as though reigning hell upon the unrepentant. And some still arrive with a whisper, kill you in your sleep, and make off with your humanity, the only evidence of their presence a bloodstain by the bonfire.

Some believe in honor and virtue. Some only believe in the ends. What do you believe is fair in undead war?

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