• Sirdude103

    Strange New Land

    March 12, 2014 by Sirdude103

    Jedenásty marec, 2014

    I awoke this morning in a strange new land. I knew Things were Betwixed. Right now, as I hide myself from the beasts that run rampant in the dark, I find myself drawn to light, mostly because I am not of this world anymore.

    The oddest thing I find is the fact death has no control over me anymore. I still feel pain, and creatures still haunt me, but neither they nor I can remove our binds to this place. The more creatures I kill, the more I understand most of it is futile. I can never be truly safe, mostly because our relentless anger and fear of each other are too strong. 

    I discovered a hut in the woods, inhabited by the sane, but they were far from harmless. Four women, three of them clad in red cloaks, taunted me with…

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