Jedenásty marec, 2014

I awoke this morning in a strange new land. I knew Things were Betwixed. Right now, as I hide myself from the beasts that run rampant in the dark, I find myself drawn to light, mostly because I am not of this world anymore.

The oddest thing I find is the fact death has no control over me anymore. I still feel pain, and creatures still haunt me, but neither they nor I can remove our binds to this place. The more creatures I kill, the more I understand most of it is futile. I can never be truly safe, mostly because our relentless anger and fear of each other are too strong. 

I discovered a hut in the woods, inhabited by the sane, but they were far from harmless. Four women, three of them clad in red cloaks, taunted me with the fact of my inhumanity. Despite the fact they hated me, they didn't pull arms on me, but instead handed me a small figure of myself. I instantly remembered who I was. After a few more taunts, I left them, right after I stole another small figurine. 

I must stop now, the monsters are close.

môže jedenásty, 2014

It seems to me like I am a stranger in an even stranger world. All around me, I meet men similar to me, but have long lost sanity. I'm an intruder on their lands, so they want me out. Any way possible. 

Why have I come here? I can't remember anything of my past life... All I remember is falling into a vast void. Now I'm here.

I went through a cave today. On the other side, the light nearly blinded me. There was a neat little settlement outside the cave. There were few people, but at least they weren't for out for my blood. Yet.

I'm safe here, but I have a strong desire to hunt down the undead that attacked me earlier. Is it because I want revenge for their hostility? Or just because I feel more and more powerful with each passing victory?

I've spent enough time sitting around and writing my thoughts. I'm going to scout around, see what I can find.

P.S. I've already been killed twice by the local undead pigs. Too bad there's no way to exterminate them.

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