aka Vizor/Itsuka Shidou/Orimura Ichika

  • I live in In whichever Manga/Anime Universe I see fit. Currently getting in touch with my dark side.
  • I was born on December 18
  • My occupation is Commanding the T.G. Army/Mastering Hysteria Mode
  • I am The Harem Master
  • TechGenusMasterWA01

    Ok, this is my first Blog, but I thought I would ask a question: What is the best, worst, or funniest glitch you have ever seen/experienced? Whether it killed you or just made you burst out laughing, what was it? Mine is nothing big, but Patches (while in Firelink Shrine) had somehow moved up a couple feet from his usual location. No big deal right? The funny part is that it distracted me so much that I almost got murdered buy two skeletons. 

    Feel free to share comments below!

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