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  • TehDerpyGamer

    I Will take armour usage submissions and I may even use builds that you can link below (Unless that's now allowed) I need some support but the build should be Knight, Cleric or Warrior. Pyromancer, don't like, Sorcerer, Already Done. So Submit away!

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  • TehDerpyGamer

    I'm getting a Capture Card soon, and I was wondering if anyone was interested in being in some of my videos. I Play on Xbox 360, So if you're interested, Message me your name, or comment it below, either way I'll see it. [7/20/2014/EDIT:] I Got the Capture card and I will be recording PvP Trolls, Lets Plays, Or some Build Reviews. My channel will have other games too, like BattleBlock Theater, GTA 5, Black Ops 2 And others.

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  • TehDerpyGamer

    Hello People,

    Write here about your Interesting kills, Funny kills, Trolls, Gank Spanks, anything PvP related that involves you Defending, Invading, whatever. The Title may say "Funniest" but Put any of the above.

    (Random Pictures lol)

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