Nothing too special, but since the chaos pyromancies are about the only ones worth using, I figured i would just focus on them in terms of attunement slots. The Darkmoon Ring lets me keep attunement relatively low while still allowing for the 2 extra slots i need to use all 6 chaos pyromancy spells, and the Havel's Ring+2 allows me to be at the exact threshold for midrolling without fatrolling. The Sage's Ring+2 allows for my more costly spells to come out quicker, and the Fire Clutch Ring helps to maximize return on fire damage. The Estoc in the left hand is the main offhand weapon, and is infused with Dark for another damage source, and it scales well since INT and FTH are both high and equal. The Moonlight Greatsword in the right hand is the secondary weapon for use against defensive players, and serves as yet another different type of damage type, and it also does a good bit of damage with the 40 INT. The 35 VGR lets me take usually a couple of hits from R1 Mashers, or just pure STR builds. the 20 END ensures I usually won't run out in crucial moments, and the 25 ATN allows me to have just enough with the Darkmoon Ring to have 6 attunement slots, in addition to having a somewhat plentiful supply of FP. the 16 STR and 13 DEX are purely for weapon requirements, and do not scale with any weapons in the build. The 40 INT and 40 FTH maximizes the fire damage output, and also allows for good scaling with the non-fire weapons.

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