Temple knight

Wears "Dragonknight" set, initial miracles are Heal and War. New type of "miracles" called hexes, first hex: Dark Orb. Heal, well heals War, increases attack and defence Dark orb, drains opponents stamina and inflicts some dark damage Weapons: Dragonrider's Halberd, Dragonknight's Bell( Bells seem to have replaced talismans), Dragonslayer's Crescent Axe, Dragonknight's Shield.


Wears "Chaos" set, initial sorceries are Soul Arrow, Soul Shower, Soul Greatsword, initial pyromancy Fire Lash, also can use the miracle Heal. Fire Lash, summons fire that goes left to right Soul Arrow, seems obvious Soul Shower, summons a cloud that dissolves into soul arrows hitting anything below Soul Greatsword, summons a sword Heal, heals Weapons: Witchtree branch (The Catalyst), Dagger, Dise Bell (A shield, and a bell)


Wears "Knight" set, Weapons: Shortsword, Silver Eagle Kite Shield, Light Crossbow, Winged Spear.


Wears "Faraam" set Weapons: Longsword, Pursuer's Greatsword, Golden Wing Shield. Ring: Guardian's Seal, you can get summoned in other players worlds.

Dual Swordsman

Wears "Black" set Weapons: Longsword, Knight's Greatsword, Royal Dirk (It's a dagger), Target shield.


Wears "Leather" or "Hunter's" set Weapons: Shortsword, Small Leather Shield, Short Bow.

Extra info


-New Soapstone: Small White Sign Soapstone, summons players as "Shades" instead

-Different Backstab animation depending on the size of the enemy

-You can hold with both hands your left hand

-Better faces

-Poisoned Chests

-New gestures: Allow me and No

-Red invaders obtain a "Token of spite" if they kill the host

Non initial equipment:

Ring of war: Increases physical defence

"Rouge" set


Way of Blue

Blue Sentinels

Mentioned places, people, anything and Events



-A war

-Lion Knights

-Shieldless Lothian

-Silverdrake Knights



-Geisteel ( A material )

-Orthodox order of kngiths from the East

-Old king Olaphis ( Wait Old king? )

-Sorcerer Straid

-Ancient Dragon

Might edit later to add additional info

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