Toby Aitchison

aka AirmailViper

  • I live in In real life, I live in Thornton Dale, North Yorkshire, England. In my mind, I live in the Cuthulu Mythos.
  • I was born on July 5
  • My occupation is pot washer/waiter and budding author.
  • I am male
  • Toby Aitchison

    so, as the first game shows, the aim is to kindle the first flame. so why are we doing it again in the second? my theory is that, as each of the old ones in the first took a flame for themselves, it makes sense that they'd find different places for them to keep their flame safe. this would explain why we need to go to a different land to do the same thing as in the first.

    evidence to back up my theory can be seen by the fact that the player goes to "a land far to the west" while the first game was set in a "land far to the north". the difference in location  supports my theory that the flame was split. 

    more evidence can be seen by the change in termanology, in the first, the act was known as "kindleing the first flame" while in the second i…

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