So this a thread I'm making to post about random interesting things that happen to me while exploring the same world of Lordran repeatedly. It's also got random unrelated things in it.

Today I got my Curse resistance to 1023, Poison resistance to 327, and Bleed resistance to 708. Top that.

I once got flung off of the rotating tower in Anor Londo.

I blasted a crystal lizard from the top of the Great Hollow all the way down to the mushroom people with Wrath of the Gods.

For all my great powers, the knight in the Darkroot Forest can still kill me in two hits.

I spilled stir-fry on my controller, and broke it. It smells good though.

I think Crossbreed Priscilla is freaking adorable.

I can never kill the Giant guards in Anor Londo easily. They always turn at just the wrong moment and block my spells... But when *I* equip the giant shield, it sucks! What is this!?

(Spoiler!!!) I didn't realize Petrus tried to kill Reah until my third playthrough. (Spoiler!!!)

I've decided that in order to keep better track of my bros, I'll be combining Siegmeyer and Solaire into one person. They shall henceforth be my "sunion bro".

All the pretty items are terrible. Which is why I wear Dingy Robes.

The only Sorcery I was missing for "Wisdom of a Sage" was Resist Curse, which I had never even considered buying.

Sometimes my sentences don't end the way I think they're going turtle.

Vanity over Humanity! Reverse your Hollowing today!

I can kill pretty much any boss without taking any damage. But Basilisks still scare me.

Why can Giant Mushroom Men kill me in one hit, when Lord Gwyn, "Bearer of the Ultimate Soul" takes his good old time about it?

I finally beat the game to 100%. I have... the Dark Soul...

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