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  • ViktorBane

    Weird Foods Bane style.

    February 4, 2014 by ViktorBane

    So guys I have been talking with a friend of mine and I have decided to do this rather random and funny blog. It will follow my progress in the game so if you don't want any spoilers don't read. I will describe my feeling at the end of the boss or enemy fight and how it 'tastes'. At some points if I killed something in a funny way I will describe it. I hope you all enjoy this weird foods Dark Souls style. 

    This cell is my Bane. Awful joke in my opinion but the best I have here. I can barely sleep because of the rats and the smell...Oh god the smell of death is overwhelming. I just ate a rat from this place. This...Asylum. It tasted somewhat like a muddy piece of chiken. Oh the taste of normal food. I miss it so. 

    I sit now at this bonfire th…

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