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The Depths Theory

I have an interesting theory about the Depths! I was  playing Dark Souls the other day, going through the Depths. I was in the place with the Butchers and the Torch Hollows, and thought to myself, "So this place was like...a Restaurant?" And I LOVED that idea! The concept that The Depths was like a pub, that was connected to Lower Undead Burg. Even though it doesn't really have any game-shattering implications, it's so cool to think of how the world functioned. There was undead burg, both portions of it, with lots of housing, the Parish is obviously a religious area. Sen's Fortress had a rather singular purpose of testing the skill of those wishing to enter Anor Londo. There were Catacombs, used to bury the dead, eventually tunnelling deep enough that they broke into a natural cave formation. (Which is really fun to stop and look at sometimes) What purpose do you guys think the other areas of the game served? I love bringing the world of Dark Souls to life like this!!

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