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  • Warden-Cypher

    Dark Souls III

    June 17, 2015 by Warden-Cypher

    Alright, the trailer is there, along with concept art and all.

    We're really early though, but i'd like to hear your thoughts on what the plot of Dark Souls III will be, considering what has been unveiled so far.

    It does seems like this long awaited "Age of Dark" will finally be seen, and what can be glimpsed of the protagonist seems like a mashup between Gwyn, a Giant Lord and the Alva Set.

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  • Warden-Cypher

    They are moments when you just don't know what's going on.

    Be it killed in a stupid manner or see an invader act dumb, there are moments we just can't forget in our long journey as the Chosen Undead or the Bearer of the Curse.

    Now, fellow undead, what is the most hilarious and/or puzzling moment you had in any of these games?

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  • Warden-Cypher

    Alright, i'm curious.

    Many games have shaped my view of the world, just like movies and books.

    It is a vital part of my experiences, there's always something that i remember about the book/game/movie, no matter how bad or underdevelopped they are, a defining trait that make them unique.

    Dark Souls II has shown me that the journey itself is more important than the end. That you may be a weakling damned to eternal suffering, but still keep going on.

    Gameplay wise, it was a blast. The maneuverability of the character and the wide range of weapons and armor, added to the fact that you may create strategies to play dirty to have a chance to win, is really fun.

    Now, i want to know what Dark Souls taught you!

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