So, I'm not quite sure how to create a Wiki blog or page... I usually use wiki's for information and chatting... so hopefully this goes alright...

But anyways, I'm very curious about what everyone is thinking the upcoming DLC's will be based on, from what I hear this is going to be the last of the Dark Souls series, which for me is sad, but from what I've heard from random sources this game is ging to have 2-3 DLC's, any ideas or thoughts of what the DLC's will be based off? or possibly what it is you guys would love to see in a DLC, for me, I'm hoping for something relevant to DS1, possibly more things in the past, as even in DS1 if I recall correctly, the Artorias DLC was set in the past, I'm wondering if they will make such a thing on DS2 as they make so many references to DS1, in the Black Knight weaponry, and also the four great souls that allow you creation of unique weapons, reminiscent of DS1 once again... But just thoughts again haha, What do you guys want to see and what do you expect in the DS2 DLCS?

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