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  • I live in New Mexico
  • I was born on August 23
  • My occupation is Military
  • I am Male
  • Young Metzgro

    He stared down at his hands, and at the body that lay before him. A lifeless husk of what used to be someone. Now only to be remembered as a blood stain on the floor. He knew what he had to do next, he knew what he'd find behind the White Fog in the hallway. He drew his axe from the spine of the soldier and used his manchette to wipe off the excess blood so as to not dry and rust over. He shuffled through the passageway into the balcony. He stood over the door leading into the cliff side, his exit. The only thing that stood between him and his escape was the Asylum Demon, and this White Fog would place Metzgro above him.

    He plunged through the fog, onto the overhang above the demon, and he leaped down. Driving the axe down into the demons h…

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  • Young Metzgro

    He approached the staircase with renewed vigor. A new and present purpose. He remembered the hollow at the top that had previously pushed the boulder down, ultimately causing Oscar's death. He deserved everything that was coming to him. The hollow didn't anticipate his arrival, coolly leaning against the wall sharpening his weapon. A fiery look in Metzgro's eyes as he creeped toward the final step. He slammed his foot on the final step, giving the hollow just enough time to realize who was there, before the blade he held could drop to the floor, Metzgro lunged forward and tackled the hollow to the ground. Metzgro used his thighs to pin the hollow to the floor, grabbed his axe, and swung down. He could feel the warm spray of blood under his…

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  • Young Metzgro

    Traversing the White Fog did not feel as he'd expected. It was painless, just a cool mist as if he had walked through some light rain. The path seemed to loop around, as he stood on the second floor of building overlooking the first bonfire he slept at the night prior. There was only two ways for him to go. The path left lead to a dead end and a crumbled staircase only accessible from the doorway at the top. The right path forked into two sets of staircases, one leading up and the other leading down. The staircase leading up was the closest option, he took it.

    No light protruded from the top as he took the stairs two at a time. As he reached the end, he could decipher the silhouette of what looked like to be a boulder. The door behind opene…

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  • Young Metzgro

    Rays of sun peaked through the remains of the old cathedral walls surrounding Metzgro. This was his queue to wake. The night of rest would prove to be an invaluable asset with what he was preparing to face within the ruins of the cathedral. Metzgro packed up and headed toward the double doors leading into the ruins.

    The door opened with ease, but as he stepped in, some sort of Asylum Demon jumped down from the remains of the roof, blocking the path in between him and the door on the other side. Panic stricken, he scanned the room for an alternative route. To the left, crowded by vases, was a door. The slam of the demons great hammer brought Metzgro back to reality. He dove left and rushed for the door, diving in time to miss another attack …

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  • Young Metzgro

    Hello Friends,

    Welcome to the first installment of my play through series titled "The old Adventures of Young Metzgro". This series will take you through the life and times of an up and coming young pyromancer named Metzgro.

    We start off our story with creation. I keep the default build the same, and mainly pick up the "Master Key". It seemed like the most useful. Background, Metzgro speaks with a broken English accent, as if he came from some foreign Asian influenced land. Now I say broken English accent, because fundamentally, he speaks great English, but his accent is derivative of heavy Asian influences...Straight outta the rice fields.

    (Beginning intro) (Cut scene where Ole Oscar drops that body down)

    Metzgro of the East lived a very fulf…

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