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  • Zeldafan224


    May 1, 2015 by Zeldafan224

    The Vanguard is the boss at the end of the tutorial area. In this area you will meet common enemies for the are ahead the Boletarian Palace. You will know the basic attacks and rolls and the general information for playing the game. I warn you though the parry is different you cannot hold your sheild up while want to parry you have to leave yourself open then parry at the correct time. 

    Now the boss fight is supposed to be a scheduled death but unlike Seath the Scaleless you can inflict damage on him and kill him. But you will still face a stronger enemy that you cannot kill and you will die. The purpose of this is to take you to the Nexus to you can use the Archstone to travel to the Boletairan Palace. 

    The best strategy for this boss is to…

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  • Zeldafan224

    Demon's Souls

    April 30, 2015 by Zeldafan224

    Now like I said I am going to talk about Demon's Souls. This blog will be on the story of how it all started and why the world is like what it is in the game. 

    The world was once victime to a scourge of Demons in an past before King Allant took the throne. And entity of emense power, the Old One, had awaken the band of existence of the Demons that ripped the lands and consequently half of mankind parished. The remaining who would become The Monumentals would combine the knowledge of the Soul Arts to put the Old One ack into its' slumer. To divide the lands to where no life could come back the Monumentals ordered Archstones to be made and scattered across the land, and all would be conected to one cenertal Archstone for inter-regional travel…

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  • Zeldafan224

    About My Blog

    April 29, 2015 by Zeldafan224

    For those who haven't read my profile from my lastest post Scholar of the First Sin that is a demo of what I will do. I will help out anyone for any Souls game. I will talk about boses, items, drops, lore, NPCs, armor, weapons, how to make a great build, and just fun facts about the Souls games. Even though many of you who will most likely be reading this will know about all of this stuff but for those who don't or only played Dark Souls 2 I will revisit the past.

    I will talk about Deamon's Souls from the first boss to the last and the alternate endings of each and what they mean. Now like I said for those you know all of this get off right now, not to be mean or anything, this blog will help people stating out in the games with what to do …

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  • Zeldafan224

    So you all knkow about hte Dark Souls 2 DLC that was recently released and it allows the game to be played on new gen. systems along with whatever new PC updated there are. Now when I hear of the title Scholar of the First Sin it brings me back to Dark Souls 1 back to Oswald of Carim. The veterens of Dark Souls should know the lore behind him but for those who do not I will tell you. You meet Oswald after ringing the first Bell of Awakening in the Undead Parish after you defet the Bell Gargoyles boss. He greets you with open arms and asks you if you have sinned and you can clear your sins for a small payment of around 40,000 souls. 

    I do beleive. Now to sin in Darks Souls is easy but it is the only PvP you will get and by that I mean invadi…

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