For those who haven't read my profile from my lastest post Scholar of the First Sin that is a demo of what I will do. I will help out anyone for any Souls game. I will talk about boses, items, drops, lore, NPCs, armor, weapons, how to make a great build, and just fun facts about the Souls games. Even though many of you who will most likely be reading this will know about all of this stuff but for those who don't or only played Dark Souls 2 I will revisit the past.

I will talk about Deamon's Souls from the first boss to the last and the alternate endings of each and what they mean. Now like I said for those you know all of this get off right now, not to be mean or anything, this blog will help people stating out in the games with what to do in areas what to expect from the boss battles. Also I will start from the begining with Deamon's Souls, but if anyone is stuck and really wants to progress I will explain the area for them and the boss and enimies from this area. Plus if anyone is stuck on the story behind this game I can explain what area of the game you are in that goes along with the story. If I left anything out you want to know just make a comment and I will answer as best as I can. And when I play Dark Souls I will have an open chat for all of those who follow me.

Praise the Sun(For the sun bros out there) 

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