The Vanguard is the boss at the end of the tutorial area. In this area you will meet common enemies for the are ahead
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the Boletarian Palace. You will know the basic attacks and rolls and the general information for playing the game. I warn you though the parry is different you cannot hold your sheild up while want to parry you have to leave yourself open then parry at the correct time. 

Now the boss fight is supposed to be a scheduled death but unlike Seath the Scaleless you can inflict damage on him and kill him. But you will still face a stronger enemy that you cannot kill and you will die. The purpose of this is to take you to the Nexus to you can use the Archstone to travel to the Boletairan Palace. 


The best strategy for this boss is to tarverse the fog and let him kill you, this will be the quickest way to progress through the game, about two hit from him should kill you. But you can try to kill him if you want after you defeat him you can head throuhg a new level of the tutorial level to where you get some more items then you will have to die to progress through the game. The best class to beat him would be Royalty and using the Soul Arrow as much as



Attack Pattern   

  • Vertical/Overhead Smash-   A very narrow attack range but with devisating effects and if it hits you you will die but it is very easy to dodge and has about a 3 second winnd up  time.
  • Horizontal Swing-  His most common attack and will use it for half of the battle it is very awkward to dodge and is easily mistaken for his Fury Attack. 
  • Fury Attack-  This attack is very rare but it is the one that will most likely kill you. It can be survived but its' follow up after knocking you down. 
  • 'Ground Pound-'  Close ranged, very low AoE(area of effect), it is very easy to dodge this attack would be the time for using your Soul Arrow. But if it gets you, you are finished. 


The Vanguard are a powerful Demon. They led the Demon scourge to the lands and led attacks and segies. It is only a leader not a boss. 

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