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  • Zelron

    Wiki Assessment

    October 27, 2014 by Zelron

    More recently the community has expressed a, dissatisfaction, with the current state of wiki. When the wiki first started it was a small community dedicated fans and the limited amount of infrastructure was built around that. While our dedication has not changed, the size of the community certainly has. The idea of "unspoken rules" and "common sense" are no longer sufficient to run the wiki. Over time small improvements have been made, but overall not much. The desire now is to renovate and bring the wiki's infrastructure to the level that a larger community such as ours requires.

    We've been working to this end in small parts, but there is much more left to do. Up until now we have just been essentially fumbling around presenting issues as …

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  • Zelron

    Do you have Dark Souls for Playstation 3 or PC, but have an Xbox 360 lying around you aren't using? Did you recently get into the series with Dark Souls II but never played the original?

    Well if you're an Xbox Live Gold member then Microsoft's Games with Gold promotion is offering a free copy of Dark Souls on the digital market place from now until the 15th of June. If you 've never had an opportunity to play the game now's the time to get it, because you'll never find it for a lower price than free.

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