More recently the community has expressed a, dissatisfaction, with the current state of wiki. When the wiki first started it was a small community dedicated fans and the limited amount of infrastructure was built around that. While our dedication has not changed, the size of the community certainly has. The idea of "unspoken rules" and "common sense" are no longer sufficient to run the wiki. Over time small improvements have been made, but overall not much. The desire now is to renovate and bring the wiki's infrastructure to the level that a larger community such as ours requires.

We've been working to this end in small parts, but there is much more left to do. Up until now we have just been essentially fumbling around presenting issues as they arise or if we happen to think of them. What we need, is to assess the wiki and begin laying out plans as to how to go about these renovations. I decided that it would be best to start a list of all the things we feel need to be added, such as new policies, amendments and revisions, project pages, help pages, community management, and other things to help the community. With a proper list, we can focus our efforts on each task. Compiling, prioritizing, and ultimately checking them off as completed.

Initially i'm just going to list what I can think of off the top of my head, but please post in the comments about any issues you feel should be address by the community and I will periodically update the list, adding new projects and hopefully removing completed ones. Please keep in mind the purpose of this blog is to compile a list of what issues we feel need to be addressed to renovate the wiki, not to discuss how to go about doing them. If you feel like discussing any of the issues listed here, start a community discussion on the Wiki Discussion board in the forums.

These projects are listed in no particular order and is not a representation of their priority or importance:

  • Manual of Style - Guideline as to how to create and maintain wiki articles
  • Code of Conduct - Guideline as to how users should behave on the wiki
  • Block Policy - List of what behaviors will result in being banned from the wiki
  • Discussion Guide - Guide on when and how to terminate an inactive community discussion
  • Staff Qualifications - List of requirements to promote a user to a staff position
  • Category Dictionary - List of category definitions and when it is and isn't appropriate to use them

Once again I remind you that this blog is only to list what tasks need to be addressed. Do not use this blog to discuss the implementation of these tasks. Instead start a community discussion on Wiki Discussion board to allow the issue to be given singular attention.

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