Varangian Sailor

Varangian Sailors are enemies in Dark Souls II.


Varangian sailors are fierce pirates that sail the northern seas of Drangleic. Some were captured by a former king and forced to do hard labor in No-man's Wharf. They can be found wielding a sword and shield, a bow, or dual-wielding scimitars.


They are very quick and can inflict heavy damage if they land consecutive hits from a combo attack (especially the ones that dual wield). They usually fight in groups so you should try to dispatch them quickly before they get together. They will also throw flammable flasks on you, this will cover you in oil that will cause an explosion (and massive damage) should you light a torch or be struck by a fire arrow. If low on health they can use an Estus Flask to recover full health. 

Varangian Sailors have low poise and can be staggered easily by repeated attacks. They are also very vulnerable to backstabs and have a 0% resistance to Fire, so any fire-infused weapons or items, such as Charcoal Pine Resins, Firebombs, and pyromancies will deal full damage.



Item Varangian Helm
Varangian Helm
Varangian Armor
Varangian Armor
Varangian Cuffs
Varangian Cuffs
Varangian Leggings
Varangian Leggings
Varangian Sword
Varangian Sword
Drop Rate ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
Item Varangian Shield
Varangian Shield
Scimitar II
Sea Bow
Sea Bow
Iron Arrow
Iron Arrow x3
Drop Rate ??? ??? ??? ???


  • Varangian was the name given by the Greeks to the Vikings who, between the 9th and 11th centuries, ruled the medieval state of Rus.
  • The Varangian guard, the Byzantine emperors elite guard, was made up its entirety of Nordic warriors.

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