Waistcloth of the Channelers
Waistcloth of the Channelers
Def atk phy 32.0 Def sorc mag 27.0
Def atk strike 30.7 Def sorc fire 27.0
Def atk slash 36.5 Def sorc lght 30.0
Def atk thrust 32.0
Def res poise Def res bleed Def res poi Def res cur
7.0 23.0 20.0 -
Weight 6.0
Durability 300
Type Legs Armor

The Waistcloth of the Channelers is a legs armor piece in Dark Souls. It is part of the Channeler's Set.

In-Game Description

Waistcloth of the Channelers, sorcerers that serve Seath the Scaleless. Even after the onset of Seath's madness, the "snatchers" as they were often called, ventured to far lands to find suitable human specimens.
The heaviest of protective gear for sorcerers, and imbued with magic.




Cannot be reinforced.

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