"Aimless wanderer. Wields scimitar. High dexterity."
— Character Creation

The Wanderer is one of the classes in Dark Souls. Wanderers have low defense, but to compensate, have high dexterity. Their vitality is low, and combined with their light starting gear, makes Wanderers not very durable in the early game. Wanderers want to close the distance quickly and use fast combos to take out enemies before they can attack. Wanderers also have the option to fight at range with a bow, or with spells, thanks to their fairly high Attunement and Intelligence stats.

At 84 stat points (if their levels were reduced to 1), Wanderers are tied with Pyromancers for the highest starting statistics, making the class a good candidate for a PvP build.


Starting Equipment

Starting Statistics

Image Stat Name Value
- Level 3
Para vit large Vitality 10
Para attun large Attunement 11
Para endur large Endurance 10
Para str large Strength 10
Para dex large Dexterity 14
Para resist large Resistance 12
Para int large Intelligence 11
Para faith large Faith 8
Total Points at Level 1 86