Weaponsmith Ornifex

Ornifex in Brightstone Cove Tseldora

Weaponsmith Ornifex is a merchant found in Dark Souls II. She appears to be a Crow Demon from Dark Souls, but is not hostile to the player. Like Straid of Olaphis, she will sell the player boss soul weapons in turn for the corresponding boss' soul and a certain amount of souls (similar to the Giant Blacksmith from Dark Souls). 

Character informationEdit

Ornifex is a Crow Demon blacksmith residing in an abode at the Brightstone Cove Tseldora. She uses her skills to create all manner of equipment using an ancient technique unique to her people taught to them by Seath the Scaleless. She reserves her art for a select few, but after being freed by the Bearer of the Curse, she will offer her services to repay her debt.

Health and soulsEdit

Health Souls
??? ??? ??? ???


Found in a locked room under the false floor just past the large Basilisk in the Shaded Woods. She is freed using the Fang Key. Once her dialogue is exhausted, she will move to her home next to the Lower Brightstone Cove bonfire in Brightstone Cove Tseldora.


Boss Soul tradesEdit

Boss Soul Given Souls Cost Received Weapon
Great Soul Soul of the Rotten 5,000 Butcher's Knife
Great Soul Ancient Dragon Soul 1,500 Curved Dragon Greatsword
Boss Soul Guardian Dragon Soul 1,500 Drakewing Ultra Greatsword
Spitfire Spear
Boss Soul Looking Glass Knight Soul 3,000 King's Mirror
Thorned Greatsword
Boss Soul Old Dragonslayer's Soul 1,500 Dragonslayer Spear
Great Soul Old Iron King Soul 5,000 Iron King Hammer
Lord Soul II Old Dead One Soul 10,000 Crypt Blacksword
Lord Soul II Old King Soul 10,000 Dragonslayer Greatbow
Lord Soul II Old Paledrake Soul 10,000 Moonlight Greatsword
Lord Soul II Old Witch Soul 10,000 Chaos Blade
Boss Soul Smelter Demon Soul 1,500 Aged Smelter Sword
Soul of Nashandra Soul of Nashandra 10,000 Bow of Want
Chime of Want
Scythe of Want
Soul of Nashandra Soul of Elana, Squalid Queen 24,000 Wrathful Axe
Boss Soul Soul of the Duke's Dear Freja 1,500 Spider Fang
Spider's Silk
Boss Soul Soul of Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon 14,000 Yorgh's Spear
Great Soul Soul of the King 10,000 King's Shield
King's Ultra Greatsword
Ruler's Sword
Great Soul Soul of the Lost Sinner 5,000 Lost Sinner's Sword
Darkened Soul Soul of Velstadt 3,000 Sacred Chime Hammer
Darkened Soul Throne Defender Soul 3,000 Defender Greatsword
Defender's Shield
Darkened Soul Throne Watcher Soul 3,000 Watcher Greatsword
Watcher's Shield


  • Upon speaking to her in her workshop for the first time, she will let the player buy one boss weapon for free (the player still needs to give her the required boss soul). All boss weapons after that will be at regular price.
  • Once the player beats Nashandra, Ornifex will begin to sell unlimited Amber Herbs.


  • Weaponsmith Ornifex is voiced by Anna Koval.
  • Ornifex means "Birdmaker" in Latin, which fits in the sense that she's a bird-like creature that creates weapons and statues, although the word would actually mean "one who makes birds".
  • There are dozens of small statues inside her workshop, hinting the fact she creates more than weapons.