Wheel of Fate is a skill in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Thrust out the wheel and give it a good spin, shredding enemies with the outer lining of spikes.


The player rises the shield and points it forward; it then starts spinning, shredding the enemy by dealing small but continuous damage that can deplete big chunks of health in a short time.



Useful in most conventional situations, especially on enemies that can be staggered easily and/or have little poise.

Not advisable to be used on stronger enemies, though, as they may be able to withstand the beating enough time to counterattack.

Online gameplayEdit

Useful for taking opponents by surprise, since using shields for offense is usually not expected in online gameplay. However, since the Bonewheel Shield is the only shield that has this skill, opponents should be usually expecting it to be used from a character wielding one of these.

This skill has the capability of stun-locking the enemy to a certain degree. Cornering an opponent onto a wall will leave them with less chances to escape.


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