For the Dark Souls variant, see White Sign Soapstone.
For the Dark Souls II variant, see White Sign Soapstone (Dark Souls II).

The White Sign Soapstone is an online play item in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Online play item.
Create a co-op summon sign.
Be summoned to another world as a phantom through your sign, and defeat the area boss to gain the strength of flame.
The nature of Lothric is murky, unclear.
The White Sign Soapstone allows Unkindled to assist one another.


Sold by the Shrine Handmaid in Firelink Shrine for 500 souls.


A white and seemingly chalky piece of stone, the white sign soapstone allows a connection between online worlds. The host lays a summon sign and may be summoned into another hosts world as a phantom. Irreversibly, the host can find summon signs on the ground and summon in another online player as a phantom for aid.


Use the soapstone to lay down a sign that other online players can detect and activate for co-op game-play.


  • Summon signs can be shades of different colors dependent upon the covenant the sign's host belongs in.
    • Warriors of Sunlight leave a bright-golden sign with intent on aiding players during co-op gameplay. This sign is designed specifically for co-op.
    • Mound-makers leave a purple-tinted sign with the intent's to either defeat the host, or aid the host in co-op up to a boss fight. These signs should be summoned with caution as the phantom can make the decision to aid or defeat the host at any time while in the host's world.
    • All other covenant's are invasion-based which leaves a normal solid-white sign with no covenant benefit to the phantom other than co-op play or personal benefits (such as becoming embered without the use of an ember, trading items, playing with online friends, or farming for souls/embers).
  • Only one summon sign can be laid down. Laying the summon sign a second time will erase and replace the first summon sign.
  • A summon sign will disappear or be of no use if another online player is attempting to invade the host. The white sign soapstone will appear gray-tinted in the consumable box.
  • A summon sign can not be laid down if the host has a phantom already in their world.
  • Using the Dried Finger will continually search servers and increase the opportunities that summon signs appear in a hosts world.
  • Summon signs can be found frequently near bonfires that begin areas, commonly near fog walls prior to a boss fight, and rarely in between.
  • If the host lays down his or her summon sign, then summon signs from other online players will fade and be non-existent.
  • In Dark Souls III, match-making is an option that allows for specific summons. A player and an online friend can enter a match-making password (case-sensitive) and will be able to connect with each other despite level and NG differences. The phantom's leveling and benefits will reduce while in the hosts world to maintain fair gameplay; however, a lower-leveled phantom entering a higher-leveled host will not receive an increase in parameters, but can still collect the benefits (i.e. higher amount of souls from higher NG enemies).
    • Note, while passwords are entered into the match-making section of the 'Settings', no other signs will appear (to include NPC's). To change this affect, simply erase the password in match-making and use a Dried Finger or sit at a bonfire to reset the server.
  • Summoning a White or Golden Phantom will cause enemies and Bosses in the Host's world to gain increased Health and Damage, stacking with multiple Phantoms.

Summoning etiquette as a phantomEdit

Since the phantom will lose nothing upon death in a hosts world, the phantom's main goal is to assist the player through the area. The phantom can do this in a number of ways to include:

  • Taking the lead.
  • Causing distractions.
  • Covering the host when the host needs to heal.
  • Dropping consumables that can help the host.
  • Leading the host in beneficial directions (e.g.: through Farron Keep swamp if the phantom knows the terrain and topography).

Summoning etiquette as a hostEdit

Since the phantom's duty is to aid the host through the area and boss fight, the host may want to consider allowing the phantom to take the lead. Although there is a Black Separation Crystal that can send a phantom home, the player should be aware of proper use vs negligent use. The host can also drop consumable items to a phantom for support.

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