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Winged Knights are enemies in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Winged Knights who swore themselves to the Angels.


Hulking, rotund knights that guard key areas of Lothric Castle, these warriors appear slow but are aggressive fighters capable of surprising speed and agility. They wield either a halberd or twinaxes and can cast pillars of light to disorient opponents.



Winged Knights are difficult to stagger, so it is recommended not to attempt long combos against them, as they will often interrupt with a shunt. Both variants can perform a spin attack lasting several seconds that will completely drain the player's stamina if blocked and inflict heavy damage. Evading through the spin is the best way to avoid this, as it can clip the player if they try evading to the side.

Both variants can also summon pillars of light that briefly obscure vision and inflict heavy damage. They can still summon the light during backstab or death animations, so the player should be cautious about sticking close to the knight until the pillars have faded.

The twinaxes-wielding knight can toss its weapons from a distance; this attack leaves it exposed for a few seconds.



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