The Winged Knight Set is a heavy armor set in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Armor of the Winged Knights, named for their appearance, who swore themselves to the Angels.
Worship of the divine messengers was viewed as heresy in Lothric and unrecognized by any of the Three Pillars of rule.


Found in Lothric Castle. From the initial bonfire, traverse up the pathway and enter the room with the ladder and the axe-wielding Winged Knight. At the top of the stairs, hit the rightmost panel of the backt wall to reveal an Illusory Wall. The set can be found on a corpse in front of a painting of a Winged Knight.


One of the heaviest armor sets available, the Winged Knight Set boasts strong defenses to back up its weight cost.

It has tremendous resistance to Standard damage, and is equally resistant to Slash damage. Like other plate metal sets it is weak to Strike damage, but due to its heavy weight it is able to comfortably resist a large amount of it than lesser armor sets. It has good all-round elemental defenses, and in fact has Lightning as its second-highest resistance, beat only by its immense Dark absorption. It has very strong resistance against status effect buildup as well, being very well-balanced in this regard.

As the third-heaviest set in the game, the Winged Knight Set boasts very strong Poise, allowing the player to trade with virtually any weapon in the game when wielding a large enough weapon.

Set piecesEdit

Armor Piece Physical absorption Elemental absorption Resistances General values
Winged Knight Helm
Winged Knight Helm
6.7 5.4 6.7 6.3 4.3 5.0 4.7 5.7 31 29 29 18 7.0 6.9 470 350
Winged Knight Armor
Winged Knight Armor
17.5 14.4 17.5 16.8 14.3 14.0 15.0 16.7 73 60 68 45 18.2 24.9 480 350
Winged Knight Gauntlets
Winged Knight Gauntlets
4.8 3.7 4.8 4.4 3.5 4.0 3.8 4.5 22 21 21 13 6.0 5.5 470 350
Winged Knight Leggings
Winged Knight Leggings
10.1 8.3 10.1 9.6 7.2 7.1 7.6 8.4 42 32 39 24 10.5 14.1 470 350

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