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The Witch of Izalith

The Witch of Izalith is a mentioned character in Dark Souls.


The Witch of Izalith was one of the Lords that defeated the Dragons long ago. She was the leader of the flame sorcerers, "The Witches of Chaos". The Witch of Izalith gained a Lord Soul, and used it to weave great firestorms to defeat the Dragons.

She ambitiously attempted to recreate the First Flame with her Lord Soul. But instead she spawned a corrupted fire known as the Flame of Chaos. When she failed to control the new flame, it consumed her and molded her into a twisted being known as the Bed of Chaos, the source of all demons. Her followers and most of her children were also consumed by the Flame of Chaos and were similarly transformed.

Her son became the sorrowful lava demon, Ceaseless Discharge, while two of her daughters managed to partially escape: Quelaag and Quelaag's Sister. Their lower bodies morphed into demonic spiders, but from the waist up they were spared. Quelana managed to escape completely and became mother of Pyromancy. The pyromancies used by humans were born after Quelana taught it to her first pupil, Salaman. Prior to the advent of Chaos, there were no human pyromancers.

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