For the Dark Souls III variant, see Saint-tree Bellvine.

The Witchtree Bellvine is a sacred chime in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Witchtree bellvine that sprouts amongst old growth. A catalyst for miracles and hexes.
Clerics who were ostracized devised this as an alternative catalyst for casting miracles.
Most clerics who are stripped of their status are good-for-nothings, but among them are powerful spell casters who represented real threats to the establishment. Although not a proper catalyst, the bellvine is quite powerful.


Found in a chest behind the Forgotten Door in Majula pit. It can be reached by navigating the pit using fall-damage reducing equipment, such as the Silvercat Ring (it is safer to remove all other equipment before jumping).

The pit can also be navigated by using a ladder built by Laddersmith Gilligan once he arrives to Majula. He will lend the ladder for 12,000 souls. After climbing down the ladder, proceed to climb up the metal ladder to the Forgotten Door.

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