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The Witchtree Branch is a staff in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

The branch of a large, well-tended witchtree, used as a sorcery catalyst.
Witchtree staves are customary in the far north, and allow for faster casting than ordinary catalysts.
Skill: Steady Chant
Boost the strength of sorceries for a very short period. Works while equipped in either hand.


Found in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley.

From Central Irithyll, make way past the plaza with the fountain. To the left of the second Fire Witch there will be a small terrace with a Crystal Lizard. The banister on the right is illusory and will reveal a staircase once hit. Head down the stairs past a Pontiff Knight and toward a cell with a deranged Evangelist named Dorhys inside. The staff lies next to a tree on the right.





Reinforced with Titanite.


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