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The Wolf Knight's Greatsword is a unique greatsword in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Greatsword of a knight tainted by the dark of the Abyss, and master of the wolf's blood of Farron.
The wolf knight was the first Abyss Watcher, and his sword is more punishing against creations of the abyss.
Skill: Wolf Sword
While in stance, use normal attack for a low spinning slash, or strong attack to leap forward in a vertically-slashing somersault.


Obtained by transposing the Soul of the Blood of the Wolf and 10,000 souls with Ludleth of Courland.


The Wolf Knight's Greatsword is an exceptional greatsword in PvE; At maximum reinforcement, it deals heavy damage, an extra 20% damage towards enemies who originate from the Abyss, such as the Darkwraith. It's weapon art has two special attacks that deal heavy damage: One that is a full 360 degree slash, and the other is a lunging attack where the user performs a downward slash, which most enemies become either stunned or knocked down. On the downside, both attacks have a long build-up time, making them very unreliable in PvP as the reaction time of most players is much faster than the animation.

However, it has unremarkable scaling, slow swing speed, and is one of the heavier greatswords in the game.

It also cannot be infused or enchanted by spells and items.



  • The Wolf Knight's Greatsword is the very same sword used by Knight Artorias, who was one of the Four Knights of Gwyn, the Lord of Cinder. It eventually came into the possession of the Abyss Watchers who carry on the fallen knight's legacy.
  • This weapon is the spiritual successor of the Majestic Greatsword, and by extension the Abyss Greatsword, from the previous installments of Dark Souls.
  • The Wolf Knight's Greatsword has a unique appearance among the variants of the Greatsword of Artorias, combining elements of all three variants found in Dark Souls.


Reinforced with Titanite Scale.

Maximum reinforcement requires a Titanite Slab.


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