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Wolnir's Holy Sword is a unique greatsword in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

A holy sword eroded by the Abyss. When Wolnir fell to the Abyss, he was gripped by a fear of true darkness, and pleaded to the gods for the first time.
This holy sword, together with three armlets stripped from the corpses of clerics, gave him some semblance of comfort.
Skill: Wrath of the Gods
Thrust weapon into earth to emit powerful shockwave. The wrath of those swallowed by the Abyss is a thing to be wary of indeed.


Obtained by transposing the Soul of High Lord Wolnir with Ludleth of Courland.


At first glance, the sword appears to be made in wire-frame, but in actuality, the sword's true blade is surrounded by black metal which acts as the edge.



- Attempting to use the weapon's skill without the required amount of Faith will result in the player thrusting the sword into the ground, with no effect.


Reinforced with Titanite Scale.


Weapon Arts Showcase Wolnir's Holy Sword00:20

Weapon Arts Showcase Wolnir's Holy Sword

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