For the Dark Souls variant, see Wooden Arrow.
For the Dark Souls III variant, see Wood Arrow (Dark Souls III).

Wood Arrows are a type of ammunition in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Standard arrows made of wood. Low damage, but their inexpensiveness makes them suitable for heavy usage.
To use, equip a bow, then equip arrows to a belt slot.


General InformationEdit

Wood Arrows are arguably the most useful kind of ammunition in Dark Souls II, due to both their very low price and the relative amount of damage-per-soul they deal. A well trained warrior in the arts or archery will be able to subdue many intimidating creatures and even dragons from a safe distance. Furthermore, a wood arrow will be capable of dealing a high amounts of damage if used by the right hands.

But the usefulness of wood arrows doesn't end in their ability to deal damage from a long distance, but also for the strategic advantage factor they provide in battle. If a player comes across a heavily crowded area, they may just shoot an arrow to one of the enemies and draw them in one by one, effectively clearing out the place and using as few resources as possible.

Additionally, many traps can be triggered by shooting wood arrows at them, which may translate in a safer journey and/or the deaths of many enemies without having to waste more valuable types of ammunition, like iron, fire or poison arrows.

The player may also fully stock on wood arrows quite early in the game: 999 wood arrows for 9,990 souls, which can be considered to be a very economical price in advanced stages of the game and which will provide enough ammunition for use in various situations without having to worry of running out for a very long time.


  • Wood Arrows cannot break through harder surfaces, like those in urns and vases.